Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Video Update

Chris here, here's some cool news. Yahoo! Video really likes Moving Box, and after a few month void of new content from us, we continue to get between 300-700 hits per day. Our most popular video is still Girls Will Be Girls. Cool!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wow. Stop-Motion Ad for Sony Bravia

Chris here. This ad is insane. Serious stop-motion. Must have been a challenge defending the sets. Check it out.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Moving Box Update!

Hey! Chris here, it's been a while since the blog has been active, but a lot has been going on and I hope to catch you up.

1. We've receieved our investment. This is a huge step for us as a company, it allows us to pay our full-time department directors a small amount, as well as start construction. Actually, I'll make that it's own number.

2. Construction has started! This is so exciting, considering we've been working since august in a huge white sound-tunnel that when someone farts all the keyboards rattle. We'll be turning our three rooms into an Audio Control Room, Green Screen Shooting space, Two isolation booths, an Animation room, solo editing suite, business meeting room, and lounge.

3. Internships! With construction underway, we're now looking for bright motivated individuals to work at what will soon be the coolest place in Ithaca. Interested in an internship in Animation, Video Production, Web Design or Audio/Music production? Drop us an email: Contact [AT] (replace [AT] with @)

Now that we're getting paid and things are working out, I'll be able to keep a focus on Moving Box's web activity, and we won't have any more 5 week lapses of blog posts. Sorry for that! Stay tuned for more from us!

Blow Me featured on OurStage!

Blow Me is seeing a lot of success online, last month it won #1 on OurStage's Documentary category. Today it was selected as a home page feature right on

We're currently in pre-production for a series of instructional glassblowing DVDs, so stay tuned for updates!


Our short documentary on the young founders of is cruising on schedule for its debut on Current TV in early December. And Glassbooth is blowing up! Katie Couric personally recommended the website last night on the CBS Evening News, and it was recently featured on the New York Times blog. Look out for this piece soon, and in the meantime take the Glassbooth quiz.